Corporate Mixer Party



• Have a roast and/or a toast!

• Everyone takes off one shoe and places into a pile in the middle of the room. Once all of the shoes are in pile, then everyone goes back to the pile and picks any shoe on and then goes around the room trying to find their match. Variation: divide up into 2 teams and everyone take off both of their shoes and place into their teams’ pile. Have the teams line up. The first person in line on each team races up their pile and digs through trying to find both of their shoes, put them completely on, and then race back to the next person in line on their team, tags them, and then the next person does the same thing. Whichever team finishes first, wins.

• Hand out $500 worth of monopoly money, counterfeit money, or use 20 pennies to each of the guests as they arrive. They have a certain time limit to make some money by the other guests at the event by only playing: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Flipping a Coin, or Thumb/Arm Wrestling.

• As each guest arrives, send them on a scavenger hunt looking for certain people that match up to their list. Some ideas: Find someone who has gone to the beach within the year and then get them to initial page, Find someone who has had a birthday within the past month and sing Happy Birthday to them and then have them initial page, Find someone that is wearing black cowboy boots, yell “Yeehaw” and then have them initial page, etc. Get Creative!

• Hand out sheets of paper numbered #1-10. Every table at the event is a team. Play a few bars of random songs – use a good variation of type of music – and have the guests at the table try to guess what song it was and who sang it and bonus points for what year it was written. Tables can only talk with each other. After all the songs are played, announce what the answers are – whichever team wins can go through buffet line first!

• Blow up a poster size picture of the boss and play a game of “Pin the Nose on the Boss”

• Combine the entire party into 1 large group. Have a fast-moving, energetic leader calls out a number – usually not more than half of the total number of participants. When the number is called out everyone must try to collect in a group that contains that number of people. The group members latch arms so that the leader can easily count who is in the group. If someone cannot enter a group because the number that has been called out has been reached, he is out of the game. As different numbers are successively called out, the number of guests playing the game gets smaller and smaller. Eventually, there are is a small enough group that you can award door prizes to.

• Divide the room into equal groups of about 10 people each group. The leader calls out random formations for the group, like: line up by birthday dates, January through December, by age or by shoe size, etc. Whichever team is the most consistent in doing the fastest formations, wins.

• As guests arrive, they get a piece of paper pinned to their backs that has the name or picture of a famous person. They can go around the room only asking “yes” or “no” questions - whoever guesses their person the fastest, wins.

• If hosting a Holiday Corporate Party, have out at each table the supplies to make a gingerbread house. Each table is a team. Give each team a time limit – once the time is up, have each team line up their houses in a central location and have the guests of the event take votes on Most Creative, Prettiest, Worst, etc.

• A picture, symbol or logo is cut in half and all placed in a bucket. Each guest draws a half out of the bucket and once the party begins, has to go through the party trying to find his “other half” – first team that finds it’s pair, wins.

• Give each guest as they arrive 3 clothespins or clothing pins. They will be instructed not to say the words, “Yes, Yeah or Uh-Huh” – if a guest catches someone saying those words, they can take away one of their pins. Whoever has the most pins by the end of the party, wins.

• Collect one personal item from each worker’s desk at the company. Set them all out on a table in a central place and have the guests try to guess what item belongs to which co-worker. The person that gets the most right, wins.

• Go on a purse/pocket scavenger hunt – as each guest arrives, they receive a list of items to be looking for throughout the evening that a fellow guest might have in their purse or pockets. Assign different points for different items, more points for the crazy, hard to find items. A few examples: nail clippers, picture of a grandchild, camera, etc. If a guest finds a fellow guest with an item on their list, have that guest sign their paper – whoever has the most signatures at the end of party, wins.